An Accountant overseas the management and reporting of financial data of an organization. Accountants are tasked with preparing, examining and analyzing a company’s accounts, financial records and other financial obligations. They do so to ensure compliance with financial reporting and other standards procedures.

  • Reconciling the company's bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers
  • Completing analysis of the employee expenditures
  • Managing income and expenditure accounts


The role of an Administrative accountant is to act as support for the accounting department of a company. The role is vital for the smooth running of the business. An accounting administrative assistant needs to be skilled in mathematics, communication, time management and typing. It is also important to have the work well with others and be detail oriented.

  • The daily activities of an accounting administrative assistant may include answering the telephone, filing, faxing, assisting visitors, managing appointments and managing the daily office schedule.
  • Creating spreadsheets and presentations and filing.
  • Accounting tasks, such as preparing checks, creating budgets, calculating billing statements, preparing and submitting tax forms, coding documents, compiling financial records and managing inventory records are also completed.


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